Installation of Ubuntu 14.04.1 was supposed to be a smooth one on my desktop computer but sadly it turned into a nightmare when I had to install it 4 times to get it right. I thought of sharing the problem and the solution for the same over the blog so that anyone facing the same issue doesn’t have to waste time over it.

I prepared a USB drive of 8 GB (HP) for installation of the Ubuntu and started the flawless installation over my Intel 120GB SSD drive. It all went on smoothly till the end when it updates the Boot Loader (GRUB). It started failing with Fatal Error and was not ready to move ahead. I eventually noticed that I installed OS on the /dev/sdb drive but the installer was trying to update the GRUB over /dev/sda which was HP 8GB Drive (Alas!!! I noticed it after 3 tries)

Finally I tried by changing the USB pen drive and taking 16GB (Sandisk) and again it all went smoothly and at the end it also updated the GRUB boot loader but to my surprise the Boot Loader was updated in the pen drive and not on the SSD. So to boot I have to boot from the SanDisk but the good thing was that it didn’t fail with the Fatal Error so I booted into the Ubuntu OS and issued the following command:

grub-install /dev/sda

Where my SSD was now /dev/sda

And finally I was able to boot the complete system without any hassle whatsoever.

Installation Issues faced on Ubuntu 14.04.1

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  • October 28, 2014 at 5:37 pm

    Thankyou so much Mr. Ashish for the kind I also faced the same problem and got very much frustated after repeatdly installing it many times, now I will try this troubleshooting method and will post the results..thankyou..;)


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