Many times you wish to hide your financial data and maintain complete privacy for prying eyes but gets confused with lots of tools and suggestions from people like hide your folder, encrypt your folder, put a password for access but all these methods have a common flaw and that is you might be forced to divulge details of the password or hidden files to others. Now again the question arises what would be the perfect way to hide all this secret information ?

A free windows tool VeraCrypt comes to your rescue – This is an encryption software which can create files and act like drives. The best feature that allow you to hide files is that it has an option to have 2 types of password for accessing one drive that behaves differently with both the passwords and no one can find out if you have 2 passwords or a single password for accessing these files.

You can download VeraCrypt from

Once you have downloaded the software, install it and create a new container (drive)


And Follow the instructions on the screen as shown below:

2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Following things in the above screenshots should be noted:

  1. Volume Type  in the second screenshot must be Standard VeraCrypt Volume
  2. Volume Location in the third screenshot must be memorized properly
  3. Volume Size must be at-least 150% of the net size you want to use
  4. Volume Password must be very strong for proper encryption
  5. In the options of Volume Format in the last screenshot you must select NTFS file system as this is much better than FAT

Once you are done with creation, now you need to create a secret hidden volume inside this Container. Follow the screenshots below to create the hidden volume

29 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Following things in the above screenshots should be noted:

  1. Select Hidden VeraCrypt Volume as shown in the second screenshot
  2. Volume Creation Mode must be Direct Mode
  3. You should put in the location of the Container that you made in the beginning
  4. Hidden Size Volume as you can see is smaller than the size of the Container


Mounting Normal Volume : Use the normal password i.e. the outer volume password with mounting this container

Mounting Hidden Volume: Use the hidden password i.e. the hidden volume password



Outer volume i.e. the one you access by putting in the password for the outer volume should not be used for putting too much of data as this might destroy the hidden partition. Hidden partition record is not kept anywhere on the container which make it ultra secure therefore precaution must be taken.

I hope this tool will help you in hiding all your secret information from prying eyes.


Hiding your financial data on your PC

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